Deep Candy

Produktname40%  SATIVA  -  60%  INDICA     THC:  0.3-0.6%  CBD:  15%   CBN:  0.5     GENETICS  Proprietary High CBD, low THC strain  EFFECTS  Deep Candy produces a relaxing body effect that will give you a sensation of tranquility without any of the psychoactive sides therefore keeping a clear head the whole day.   FLOWERING INDOOR  8 to 9 weeks 650 gr/m2.   FLOWERING OUTDOOR  8 to 9 weeks 400 gr/plant. 2nd week of September   AWARDS  Not yet introduced.   PRODUCT INFO  The Deep Candy has an amazing sweet sugary smell and taste that will instantly remind you of your youth when entering a candy store or a fun-fair. It produces some very resinous buds with a strong candy smell during the flowering phase and it can get very pretty colors towards the end of the cycle from red to dark blue depending the phenotypes and temperatures. It is a cross of two low thc cannabis strains producing and average of 13% Cbd. A great smoke to stay active the whole day while enjoying flavorful cannabis.  The flowering time is 8-9 weeks, the Deep Candy is a mid-sized plant that will stretch double it's size during the flowering stage. Average height is 150cm. 

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